You Stink

Charlie is a teenage boy. In case you were not aware, teenage boys stink. Mine is not very fond of bathing either. Charlie is a heavy sweater and we live in the Houston area with high temperatures plus humidity. That all adds up to LOTS of funk and stink. The other day I asked Charlie […]


Conversation #32175902 on Hanging Up Towels

Last week Charlie came into my bedroom dripping wet.  He had a towel in his hand. C – MMOOOOMMM! I need a clean towel. This one didn’t clean me off. Me – First of all, towels don’t clean you. Soap and water clean you. Towels dry the water off. Second, that towel is clean. I […]


Egg Rolls are Good but

Charlie and I had Chinese food on Monday. Beef and Broccoli is our standard take out with fried rice. I got egg rolls this time too. Charlie has never eaten an egg roll before so he asked for a bite. Charlie:  Hmm. Me: So did you like it? Charlie:  Well, egg rolls are good but […]

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