It’s an ADW Mom

Charlie is taking Introduction to Engineering this year. The teacher has a weekly Instant Challenge where their small group has to design and build a project in 30 minutes. This conversation was a few weeks ago.

5:47am. I’m in bed awake. Charlie is running to the shower.

Charlie – Mom! I’m sending you something.

Me – ??? huh ???

Charlie – (from inside the shower) Mom! Did you get it?

Me – ??? What did you send and where?

C – MooooooMMMMMM!!!! Just print out 4 copies for me now. I need them for class today!

M – (checking my phone) Is it this picture you texted me? Ok. Why didn’t you tell me to do this last night?

C – Mom! Just print it please! I forgot I said I would do it for my Engineering class. It has to go into our notebooks. (still in the shower)

M – Fine, I’m printing it. What is it anyway?

C – It’s an ADW Mom. We had to design and build it in our Instant Challenge last week. Can’t you tell what it is?

automatic dog washer,, introduction to engineering class
ADW – Automatic Dog Washer
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