Goodby Max

On Monday Charlie’s dog, Max, crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was a good boi and is greatly missed.

After Robert died, Charlie decided he wanted his own dog. Ruby was definitely my dog. Charlie was the “spare human”. We got Max in 2013.

On Sunday I came home from running errands and Max didn’t greet me at the door. I found Max in my bedroom, surrounded by thrownup bile, panting so hard he was foaming at the mouth. He couldn’t stand up. I immediately panicked, calling work and letting them know I wouldn’t be in, and then started to clean him up. I sat with Max the rest of the day. Every time Max breathed you could hear his lungs struggling to keep air in an out. His breathing finally settled down to close to normal around midnight. I texted Charlie off and on to keep him posted on what was going on. Close friends stopped by say their goodbyes. I knew Max was dying.

Monday morning Max was barely breathing and refused to eat. I didn’t want Max to suffer or drag on struggling. I found a low cost vet that would provide euthansia and cremation services. It was the hardest thing I have done in awhile. Taina went with me which I 100% appreciated.

You were much loved Max. You will be missed.