Meet Oreo and Coco

Meet Oreo and Coco. They are sisters and approximately 1 year old. We got them from Rosenberg Animal Shelter where we got Max.

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We’ve had them about 2 weeks now. Both are adjusting quite well. They and Ruby have come to a form of détente. Max is a totally different story. The problem is when he tries to check the cats out, Coco and Oreo start growling and hissing. Things escalate quickly.  Max starts barking which leads to Coco and Oreo attacking Max and he tries to kill them back.

So they are segregated for now.

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Coco is shy and reserved. She is a domestic short hair with black and white splotches. Oreo is a medium hair with a white stripe down her back. She is a purr machine and love bug. Oreo is the explorer and Coco is perfectly content to curl up and snuggle.

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