House Renovations

My house is in a constant state of renovation. It’s been this way since Robert died. Most of the work was already planned or had been discussed before he died. Some of it happened due to things like the washing machine flooding the house or the A/C flooding the house from the attic. Some of the work needed to be done no matter what, like leveling the foundation. One corner of the house was almost 4 inches lower than the rest of the house!!!

First step after getting house leveled – remove spindles on half wall to open up formal rooms. This was bittersweet for me as that was the corner where Robert’s desk sat in his office. Allison came over to help.

house renovation removed spindles

Removal of the spindles really opened up the 2 formal areas. It wasn’t 2 seconds later that Allison and I decided to remove the partition too.

house renovation wall removaltaking down wall renovation

That really opened up the space! It wasn’t too long before Allison and I had removed the divider and patched up the wall. Wow. What a difference that made in the front rooms. Katt had already helped open up the area by switching the dining room table and desk areas around to make a “toy room” for Charlie.

demo 6 IMG_0816

Once that wall was down and everything patched up Allison and I started painting. We went with a light icy green that looks blueish or grayish depending on the sunlight and shadows. I downsized the dining room table and chairs. Added some Ikea cubes for toy storage in against the mirror wall along with a new computer for what is now Charlie’s desk.

A few months later I replaced the carpeting in the 2 front rooms with laminate flooring to match the rest of the house. They were the only rooms with carpet left in them. Robert and I had been replacing the carpeting slowly over the years.

I’ve done more as well but will save that for another post.

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