Cold Feet, Hot Flashes

All my life I have been cold.  I slept with socks on my feet and a blanket year round. I wore long sleeves or had a cardigan with me everywhere, regardless of the season.

I can not stand it when my feet are cold. I wear socks around the house. I don’t wear sandals at movie theaters or any place where I know my feet will be cold.

Then came menopause.

It started with night sweats and moved to hot flashes. For the first time in my 48 years I was not constantly freezing. I invested in tank tops. I ditched my sweaters and hoodies. I turned the air conditioner down, freezing poor Charlie “to the death”.

I discovered I do not like being hot either. Going from perfectly fine one moment to dripping in sweat the next is driving me nuts. I prefer to be cold at this point.

The weirdest thing is that despite the hot flashes and night sweats, my feet are still cold. Especially at night. So while sleeping under a fan, with no blankets, wearing as little as possible, I have socks on my feet.

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Did anyone else going through menopause have cold feet with hot flashes? Or am I the only weird person?

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