Conversation #32175902 on Hanging Up Towels

Last week Charlie came into my bedroom dripping wet.  He had a towel in his hand.

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           the dog hair culprit

C – MMOOOOMMM! I need a clean towel. This one didn’t clean me off.

Me – First of all, towels don’t clean you. Soap and water clean you. Towels dry the water off. Second, that towel is clean. I put it out yesterday.

C – It is covered in dog hair. Now I’m covered in dog hair!  I need a clean towel!

Me – Well child. If you’d hung up your towel after drying off, then it would not be covered in dog hair.

C – I did hang it up!

Me – Yeah, well Ruby didn’t magically climb up the wall to lay on the towel. The only way dog hair got on it was by being on the floor. You can get a pool towel out to brush off the dog hair. Then you had better hang that pool towel up properly.

Charlie was not happy but complied. He did hang up the pool towel as requested. Since then, hanging up towels has been a hit or miss unless I remind him to do it.

I am pretty sure my son is not the only child who doesn’t hang up wet towels every time, right?

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