You Stink

Charlie is a teenage boy. In case you were not aware, teenage boys stink. Mine is not very fond of bathing either. Charlie is a heavy sweater and we live in the Houston area with high temperatures plus humidity. That all adds up to LOTS of funk and stink.

The other day I asked Charlie when the last time he bathed because the boy stank to high heaven!

Our conversation went like this:

Getting into the car and closing the doors…

Me – GAH!! When did you bathe last? I mean a real bath, with soap, not the pool or a quick rinse.

Charlie – Honestly I’m not sure. I do need to take a bath. I can smell myself and I STINK!

clip art you stink oder teenage boyThe conversation continued on with another lecture from me on why he needs to take a real bath or shower daily at the bare minimum, use deodorant, and other important hygiene issues.

Teenage boy funk is real y’all!

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  1. Patricia Rodgers (former co-worker) says

    Elizabeth, this story was cute and funny!! Teenage boys can and do stink badly – especially without basic hygiene (i.e. deodorant). 🙂

    I am so very glad to have found you and this blog. It has been several years since we’ve communicated, and I am glad that you and Charlie are pressing onward.

    God’s continued blessings in your lives!!

    • Elizabeth says

      It is wonderful to hear from you! I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were doing. Feel free to browse around to see what all we’ve been up to since Robert’s death.