Review Policy

My family is open to reviewing a wide range of products to match our diverse interests, however, we also reserve the right to say no thank you.

There are 2 humans in our family, outnumbered by the animals.

  • Elizabeth – 50, widow, mother, full time worker, loves to sew & scrapbook
  • Charlie – 13, son, 8th grader, loves NASCAR, Hot Wheels, and anything vehicular
  • Ruby – the dog, a Beagle/Brittany Spaniel mix
  • Max – dog, Pit Bull mix
  • Lulu – dog, black Lab mix
  • Tom Cat – striped tabby and ruler of all

We also love to travel both domestically and internationally as a family. Charlie and I started Geocaching as a hobby a few summers ago.

If you have something for us to review or any questions, please send me an email at