Too Much Stuff!

I am a packrat. I come from a long line of packrats on both sides of my family. I am sentimental. I love the memories attached to items. I am the care taker of family history and heirlooms.

HOWEVER there is too much stuff in my house and garage right now!

Most of the stuff is from my dad’s house. I have been slowly emptying out his house and trying to sell as much of it as possible. Rachael and I have already taken what we want to keep. We have mailed items to various family members that they wanted. We have had 2 garage sales. There is STILL lots of stuff left!

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Granted some of the “stuff” is for Cub Scouts and camping. It all needs organizing which I am in the process of doing. I have also been weeding out things I don’t need or want any more. There is actually a decent sized open space in the back of the garage that can’t be seen from this angle. Lots of┬ámy stuff needs to be properly put up which will make room for Dad’s stuff.

my life such as it is garage I have boxes and boxes of items coming from Dad’s house to my house this week. I have slowly been sorting through all the stuff deciding what to sell (most of it) and what to donate. As executrix my job is to sell as much as I can to help pay off estate debts. Selling small items take time and effort. Photographing, measuring, writing up descriptions, posting on various sites, keeping track of what is posted where, and then shipping it to the buyer or arranging pick up. Whew!

my life such as it is junk garage sale I now know why some estates take so long to settle. Even with simple estates like Dad’s there is a lot of work to be done. It has to be done around all the other regular life activities such as work, families, extracurricular activities, etc. Just packing up a kitchen can take 2-4 hours at the bare minimum. Sorting through years of paperwork and shredding it takes hours. Multiple trips to 1/2 Price books, recycling centers, and donations places takes up time.

my life such as it is

I am working on all this stuff as fast as I can. I am assembling additional shelves today and getting my garage more organized so I can unload Dad’s boxes and start getting them sorted out. One day at a time!

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