Tidying Up

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Last week I wrote about all the stuff in my house, garage, and my life. I’ve been trying to get it organized and cleaned out over the weekend. Heck, for the past 3 years!

If you are into organization in any way, shape, or fashion you have probably heard about the latest craze from Marie Kondo, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

I found this at Half Price Books the other day. I am pretty sure it not quite the same thing.

my life such as it is half price books the life-changing magic of not giving a fuck


I might check it out of the library.

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  1. I enjoyed the book. Some of it was crazy, like emptying your purse everyday, etc. Living with less has helped me to focus and I rarely buy anything besides groceries. I slowly started becoming a minimalist after my grandad died. Going through decades of stuff made me realize I didn’t want that to happen when I pass. I’m proud of you for getting organized! Xoxo