Life Well Lived – Does online activity increase your Happiness?



This is a sponsored post by BlogHer and P & G as part of the Life Well Lived series. The question this week is about Getting Happy.

How does blogging, journaling, writing and connecting online help to increase your happiness?

Being online connecting with friends from Real Life and Online Communities definitely makes me happy. Has it increased my happiness? I’d have to say YES!

Blogging lets me blab about what is going on in my life to anyone who wants to read it. I’m an “over sharer” by nature so the Internet is made for people like me. It lets me express my opinions and thoughts. Sharing with others makes me realize that I am not alone in my circumstances; no matter what they may be.

I have made some wonderful online friends that are as real to me as my IRL friends. Via BlogHer I have met Denise, Tarrent, Karen, Jenna and many more. These wonderful ladies have supported my and my family in so many wonderful ways.  All the more amazing considering I have only met some of them once and others not at all!

You can read others ideas about Getting Happy in the Life Well Lived series over at BlogHer.  There is a super cool contest there too!



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  1. Blogging friends are definitely blessings!