Overcoming Fears – Life Well Lived

This week’s question from P&G Life Well Lived series comes under the Getting Happy section. How do you overcome your fears the first time you do something or on the first day of a new experience? Sadly I overcome fear badly. Usually I just go ahead and do whatever it is I’m afraid of but […]


Getting Happy

This week’s question falls under the Getting Happy catagory – What are your favorite resources for increasing and sustaining happiness?   That is a good question indeed. Many things make me happy. Many of those exact same things also annoy me. It’s the increasing and sustaining part of the question that makes me pause. Ultimately […]


Life Well Lived – Does online activity increase your Happiness?

    This is a sponsored post by BlogHer and P & G as part of the Life Well Lived series. The question this week is about Getting Happy. How does blogging, journaling, writing and connecting online help to increase your happiness? Being online connecting with friends from Real Life and Online Communities definitely makes me […]

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