>Vacation in 1 week!

>Charlie & I are leaving for a week long vacation in just over 1 week. Wahoo sorta. Here’s the thing – it is not your typical tourist type vacation.

We are going with my dad to a Hamfest (Amateur Radio) in Friedrichshafen, Germany. All 3 of us are flying to Paris and driving the 400 plus miles to our destination. Dad has bought the European maps to his Garmin GPS and is plotting our route this week. I did talk Dad out of driving straight through (thank heavens) so we will be doing some sight seeing along the way.

Ok, so to recap – driving through France with a semi-potty trained 4 year old, a senior citizen & me. Check. Going to a Ham Radio weekend long event. Check. Flying standby to Europe during the summer. Check. Are you NUTS?? Check.

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