Ruby-proofing the Pantry

Ruby is a Beagle. Like all beagles she is a food hound. Literally. Ruby believes she is dying of starvation every single minute of the day. As such Ruby tries to get her grubby paws on everything and anything she believes to be edible.

The darn dog has eaten a box of cake mix for heavens sake! Am entire large pizza! She has a cast iron stomach.

The kids walk around the house with food above their heads. Food has to be put up immediately or Ruby finds a way to get to it. Plates and glasses have been broken in her food stealing attempts.

My kitchen pantry door doesn’t close properly. No matter how much I try to finagle or fix the doorknob it just doesn’t close all the way. Ruby manages to open it despite placing many obstacles in front of the door. The trash is conveniently located inside the pantry.

Today I *finally* came up with a way of Ruby-proofing the pantry door. Fingers crossed it works!

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  1. We used one of those for a long time with Jake and then again with Skeeter and Buster (Lola too, though she’s less likely to get into trash or pantries) — the broke the door off the hinge.

    So then we used one those slider bolt thingies and that worked really really well… until they broke the door of the hinges again. lol

    • Elizabeth says

      Ruby is lazy so I am hoping she doesn’t try to hard to get inside once the door is locked close. So far so good.