>My work computer

>Now the darn thing has a corrupt Operating System (OS)! I could just scream! It worked fine on Thursday and most of Friday. I noticed Friday night that after about 20-30 mins. of idle time, the computer would freeze and try to restart but kept getting “system restore” errors.

So I turned it off Friday night, started it up Sat. morning & kept getting the same looping error messages. I can’t even get to my start bar, home page log-in or anything.

Dell said it is my OS and I will have to restore to all the way back to the original system. That means I will lose EVERYTHING I have on that computer! Pictures I haven’t printed yet, documents I need, all sorts of stuff!

I hauled the CPU to my friend’s house last night so her son to try to rescue as many documents and files as he can. Shawn is an IT specialist so he knows how to do the whole “slave/ghost” thingy the Dell technician said to try first.

My other main concern is that I can’t work if I can’t get the machine operating by 8:30am Monday morning. I lost almost all of last week due to the video card issue – I can’t afford to not work this week either. My employer won’t tolerate it either.

*sigh* I’m convinced the month of May hates me. This has been an extremely stressful month so far. See previous posts for details.

– Elizabeth

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