>Kid’s eco-friendly cloth napkins for school lunches??

>I have been using, making and selling eco-friendly reusable snack bags for a year now. I started because I wanted snack bags for Kiddo to take to Pre-K that were different from the usual zippy plastic bags. At his Pre-K all the snack bags were put in a big basket for the kids to pass out at snack time. I wanted Kiddo’s to be easy to recognize even with his name on it. I started pricing the bags and thought “Holy Cow! I can make these for less money” and so I did.
Kiddo is starting Kindergarten this year. As I was waiting for him to pick out a new lunch bag I was thinking about what new snack and sandwich bags I would make for the new school year. As we went through Wal*Mart I passed the paper/plastic aisle and had an epiphany. We use cloth napkins at home; why not make Kiddo some cloth napkins to take to school instead of the paper ones?

 So here is my question – as a mom, would you consider buying eco-friendly cloth napkins in an approximate 6×6 inch square with cute kid fabrics for your child to take to school instead of a paper napkin? Would you prefer to buy a set of 5 for the week? Or prefer to buy one at a time to mix/match fabrics? What price would you consider reasonable for one napkin or a set of 5? Or would you prefer a larger size such as 8×8 inch square?

I’m talking double sided poly-cotton washer/dryer friendly cotton fabrics in a variety of kid prints. My thought was if Kiddo liked his ( and I know he will due to Lightning McQueen fabric) why not make others for sale in my Etsy shop?
You can see my snack and sandwich bags at L & R Designs or Topsy Turvy Tots. Please let me know your ideas and all feedback is appreciated.

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