Camping Hygiene

Charlie’s Troop camps once a month, just like millions of other Boy Scout Troops. I am pretty sure that millions of Moms have similar conversations with their sons.
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As Charlie¬†packed for this weekend’s camping trip, I mentioned he needed to brush his teeth before we left for the drop off. Our conversation went like this:

Me – Charlie, if you are done eating, brush your teeth and get your shoes on.

Charlie РSure thing Mom. Wait, why do I need to brush my teeth?

M – Because you just ate dinner and y’all will be getting to the campsite late and you most likely won’t brush your teeth before going to bed tonight.

C – Or the whole weekend.

M – ?????

This also explains why the camping towel comes back every month still in it’s Ziploc bag and totally dry every time.

Boys are gross.

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