Busy, busy, busy!

>I have been busy the past few days and haven’t had anything to report sad to say, until now.

Several of my stamp ornaments have sold on Etsy this past week. Wahoo! I’ve been sorting through and deciding what ones to make next between calls at work.

I made a cute Christmas shirt for Charlie to wear. It’s similar to the Halloween shirt I made.

I made some things for a friend who adopted a preemie crack baby. David is so tiny he can’t wear the clothes they already had. This baby is a true blessing for them!

I’ve been organizing and clearing out all my fabric. Talk about a big job! I’m almost through and have even started a scrap bag to get rid of excess scraps I don’t want. You can almost see the quilt on the bed in my office/craft room.

I have carpal tunnel surgery scheduled for Dec. 11th. I won’t be able to use my left hand for a minimum of 1 week afterwards. Good thing I’m right handed!

I think that just about catches me up on everything for now. Thanksgiving is just right around the corner and then comes Christmas.
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