>Recycle your Christmas cards for St. Jude’s!

>Instead of throwing away your Christmas cards (or any other greeting cards for that matter) you can recycle them the usual way – in the paper recycling bin or your local school’s Paper Retriever.  Or you can send them to the St. Jude’s Ranch for Children.  The children there use the cards to make new […]


>Making your own gift wrap bows

>Here is a neat idea from a blog I follow, GreenEarthJourney, about how to make your own gift wrap bows. Here is the link to the tutorial. It is very simple and something I would like to try as an activity with my great-nieces. The girls are 9 years old and into crafting stuff. Don’t […]


Christmas lights recycling

What an awesome idea was my first thought when I read about this on GreenEarthJourney’s blog. I even bookmarked it just in case some of my Christmas lights didn’t work when I got around to putting them up. Sure enough, some of the outdoor lights didn’t work today. I told my husband, Robert, to save […]

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