I am a Klutz

I am total klutz. This is nothing new or shocking. I’ve never been what one would call graceful. My parents used to say a bull in a china shop has more grace than me! I manage to trip over my own 2 feet on a regular basis.


Sunday I tripped heading into the house. I managed to scrap up my foot, knee, elbow and shoulder. Added bonus points for hitting my head and banging up my shoulder so much it is still swollen and hurts to touch today. My head is bruised but only a tiny knot.

Toss in my sore tailbone after flipping out of my tube on rapids on the Frio River over a week ago and I’m a mess. I am seriously debating never leaving my house again in the name of self preservation.

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  1. Yikes!! Hope it heals quickly. Maybe start encasing yourself in bubble wrap?