Cooking is Dangerous

I don’t like to cook. I have made that quite clear many times. I do enjoy baking once in awhile. In my mind baking and cooking are totally different things.

Last week I decided to make Candy Cane Angel Food Cake for the Troop’s holiday party. I love Somer’s cake and make it every Christmas.  Just as I was ready to put the cake in the oven I remembered that I had forgotten to remove the top rack from the oven. I carefully removed the HOT rack and set it against the cabinet next to the oven. Once the cake was in the oven I turned and *BAM* the rack fell on my foot.

my life such as it is burn on foot

This was right after it happened. I had the party to get too so I didn’t do much besides put aloe vera on it.

One week later and this is what my foot looks like today. The burn is in a bad spot, right where my ankle bends every time I walk. I think it is healing nicely all things considered.

my lie such as it is burned footI’m telling you cooking is dangerous!

signature elizabeth my life such as it

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