>The dreaded "Your Password will Expire in 14 days"

>I really, really, really hate it when I get that pop-up after signing into my work system. I do not think LOATHE is too strong a word for what I feel. I do understand the “why” behind changing our log in passwords; security & all that rot.

The truth is I absolutely dread having to think up another password. It’s bad enough to come up with a word that is a minimum of 8 characters but it also has to have at least one capital letter, one number and/or a symbol in there too. To add to my dread, it can not be a word you have used in the past year!

Coming up with an acceptable password makes my tummy queasy, my fingers shake, and causes lots & lots of mental anguish. The only positive I can find in the pop-up is that I have 2 weeks notice to think of a new password. You would think that would be enough time.

Two whole weeks of mind numbing worry, mental anguish, nail biting trauma until I am forced to type in the 1st word that comes to mind plus my capital letter, number and/or character!

After today, I only have 10 more days to go…..


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