Primary and Secondary Friends

This would normally be filed under “Conversations with Charlie” but since I wasn’t present for this particular conversation I’m just filing it under Charlie.

A few months ago Charlie was at his friend’s Myles’ house. It was probably for a sleepover or something. I swear the boys live at both houses.¬† Anyhow, Jackie (Myles’s mom)¬†overheard the boys discussing their various friends and friendship levels.

Charlie and Myles decided they are Primary Friends. Christopher is their Secondary Friend with Emiliano and Taina.

Jackie asked the boys for clarification – “You mean you and Charlie are best friends rights?”

She got schooled by both boys.

Apparently Best Friends are for girls only. Boys have Primary and Secondary friends, not best friends.

I’m with Allison, if Charlie and Myles start talking about Tertiary Friends……… I’m outta here!


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