>How NOT to make a Tutu!

>Okay, this was my 1st attempt at making a tutu. The blame goes to my niece Ashlie who told me about the cute tutu she bought for Brooklyn, my great-niece, who is almost a year old. So I thought I’d try making something similar myself. If all went well, then I might make more and try selling them.

The one Ashlie described was with the top part of a pair of jeans, then the tulle tutu part attached along with ribbon trim. I tried with a pair of overalls.

Things I learned along the way….. in no particular order…..

  1. Tulle is hard to layer and keep the edges even
  2. Make sure your bobbin is correctly loaded in the sewing machine
  3. You use lots of thread making a tutu
  4. You use lots of tulle
  5. Gathering many layers of tulle sewn in 1 long strip is hard
  6. Especially when your gathering thread breaks 2 or 3 times mid-gather
  7. Sewing through multiple layers of tulle and denim with the wrong type needle is bad
  8. Patience is required and no interruptions from a 4yr old little boy

I now know why tutus cost so much! They are labor intensive at best. I think I will try the no sew tutu version next time. If there is a next time…..

The Overall Tutu actually turned out nice. I’m posting a photo but still need to cut off all the threads. I might add ribbon along the bottom hem but need to sleep on it.

denim overall white tutu 3t girl

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