Felt Fall Wreath

I am crafty but not original. I can’t decorate to save my life. I can copy ¬†emulate others’ ideas with great skill and admiration but coming up with ideas on my own, not so much.

For that very reason I LOVE Sarah, The Thrifty Decor Chick. She has absolutely the best decorating and crafty decorating ideas. Plus they are all inexpensive and most are easy. 99% of my decorating comes from her blog.

She posted about a great simple idea for a fall wreath a month or so ago. I knew it would be perfect for over our giant corner fireplace.

I won’t bore you with all the details (click the link to see Sarah’s) but here are the basics.

  • 1 wreath – I used grapevine but any style/kind will work
  • felt sheets – I used mainly olive green and pumpkin orange. I also used 1 dark green and 1 bright orange for contrast
  • hot glue gun and scissors

Cut circles from the felt. I varied the sizes a little. Then cut the circles into spirals. Hot glue the spirals into a rose shape flower. Some I made tighter than others. I also hot glued some of the small flowers inside the larger flowers. Hot glue flowers to the wreath. Mine is sort of lopsided in fullness. You can make it as full and fluffy as you want. Or you can just wrap a pretty fall ribbon around the wreath and add the flowers clustered on 1 part of the wreath. Play around with it and make it the way you want it!

felt fall wreath dyi

Voila! One fall wreath for inside decoration. You could hang it up outside if protected from the elements somewhat. From my experience felt does not hold up well if it gets wet.

Here is mine hanging over the fireplace. It’s not perfect but it fills the space and brings a hint of fall to the family room.

felt fall wreath dyi craftEnjoy!


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