Faux Stepping Stones – Pinterest Project

I attempted quite a few different Pinterest ideas this summer. Yes I know Pinterest is an addiction but it is a good addiction! Really, it is.

Some of the crafts and things I pinned and tried worked, others didn’t. This project actually turned out better than I expected.

On the side of the house, leading to the backyard gate, is a sidewalk. Nothing special, just an ordinary sidewalk next to empty flowerbeds and off center from the gate.  I really had no plans to do anything with the sidewalk until I saw this idea on Pinterest one day.  The next thing I know I’m buying a stepping stone mold from Lowe’s and rounding up all the leftover spray paint in the garage.

In the interest of full confession I did buy some extra spray paint to supplement what I already had.  🙂

As I swept the sidewalk and hosed it off, Charlie wanted to know what I was doing. Which of course meant that Charlie wanted to help, which meant I let him paint some spots.

I didn’t apply concrete sealer which would definitely help make the paint last longer. I did not finish painting the sidewalk because I realized that the off center-ness was totally bothering me and now I want to widen the sidewalk to match up to the gate. Then I will most likely go back and do the project for real.

sidewalk 1

see how the gate is wider than the sidewalk? they don’t match up

Charlie and I blended some of the colors together when we spray painted. Others colors have blended over time and the edges have softened. Almost a month later and the sidewalk still looks pretty good.

Once I get the sidewalk issue fixed, I will most likely then try repainting the entire thing again. So I consider this project a success.

So far I’d say most of my summer Pinterest projects have been successes versus failures. What have you tried lately from Pinterest?


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