Conversations with Charlie – Monkey Do Project

Whenever I’m sewing or making something Charlie asks who it is for. He wants the name of the person I’m making it for and why I’m making it. This weekend I was modifying and “gussying up” some basic receiving blankets for Ella’s Project, an ongoing ministry  of Monkey Do Project.  As I have mentioned before I am a Blog Ambassador for the Monkey Do Project and it is an organization dear to my heart.

Charlie asked what I was sewing and I told him I was making blankies to send to Ella’s Project. He asked who Ella was so I explained Ella is the daughter of the lady who started the Monkey Do Project, which led to an explanation of what the Monkey Do Project was.  Part of our conversation went like this:

Charlie – Who are you sewing blankets for?

Mommy – Some kids don’t have blankies or babies of their own. So I’m making some for them.

Charlie – (look of sheer horror on his face) – THAT IS JUST HORRIBLE!!!! No babies?!  (babies are what Charlie calls his stuffed animals)

The conversation progressed to other Monkey Do Project needs including helping food banks, the 2013 Backpack Project and Blessing Bags.

Mommy – Do you know that some kids don’t have food to eat over the weekends? Or that some kids only get to eat when they are at school?

Charlie – That is just wrong Mommy! SERIOUSLY!

The next few minutes were spent with Charlie helping me pick out trims to go with various blankets and the conversation moved onto other topics such as if he could go play at a friends house, watch TV or play on his iPod.

Seeds were planted in my child’s fertile mind. He knows we help other people who have less than we do but Charlie had not made the connection that “others” include kids like him.  This was just one conversation of many about compassion and helping others.

The Monkey Do Project is in desperate need of string backpacks and books (kinder – 5th grade) for our upcoming 2013 Backpack Project for the Adams County OH Kids Health Fair. If you are interested in donating either needed items or monetary contributions, please check out 2013 Backpack Project for more information.

Do you have a favorite charity you help out? How do you teach your children about helping others?


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