Backyard Flowers

I have a black thumb. I still try to beautify my backyard with flowers. I manage to kill many unkillable plants but somehow, Wandering Jew manages to thrive.

My most recent attempt is a whiskey barrel with Lantana in a corner of the backyard along with hanging pots on the fence. The pots contain Wandering Jew and succulents. Here’s hoping they manage to live!

my life such as it is lantana whiskey barrel flowers
my life such as it is hanging pots succulents

The pots are hanging with Flower Pot Klips from Amazon. I don’t remember if I found them via Pinterest or where on the internet. They are handy little gadgets that will hold an 8″ pot on any vertical surface. I will be adding more pots as money permits.

Have you spruced up your backyard or garden area this spring?

signature elizabeth my life such as it

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