“A Year in the Wild”

I bought “A Year in the Wild” by James Hendry last November when we were in South Africa. I finally got around to reading it this past few weeks.  It was fantastic! The book chronicles 2 brothers, Hugh and Angus, who don’t get along and are forced to work together at a game lodge for one year.

The book’s format is a little bit different in that it is written as emails to and from their sister Julia. Occasionally their parents chime in.

Overall the book is quite funny and enjoyable. I found myself giggling over and over. You don’t have to had experience the wilds of Africa to enjoy the commentary back and forth between the siblings. The family dynamic is realistic to me. I love how Angus’s and Hugh’s relationship changes over time. I love their descriptions of their co-workers and events in their work day.

I bought the sequel to the book,  “Back to the Bush: Another Year in the Wild” , at the same time. I can’t wait to start reading it.



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