Volunteering is Hazardous

As I have mentioned before, I am involved in PTO at Charlie’s elementary school. I am one of the few parents who does not work full time 5 days a week. On my half days I can usually be found up at the school volunteering or doing PTO stuff.

Tuesday our Salsa fundraiser product was being delivered. This made me giddy (sad but true) as there had been some previous delays. Only thing was shipping did not include inside delivery. No biggie I thought. I’ll just get the hand-truck from maintenance and load the boxes up to take to the PTO room. They are small and weigh less than Charlie.

The delivery company driver was most accommodating. The shortest route to get to the PTO room was through a side door. So I wheeled the hand-truck outside and started helping unload the boxes from the pallet to the dolly. Disaster struck!

I stepped in a hole in the grass, my ankle twisted and down I went along with a box of salsa. I hit the bottom edge of the dolly with my left arm, scraping it up to my elbow. The box fell but thankfully none of the jars broke.

One of the teachers saw me fall and called the school nurse. Who then proceeded to call the Principal and Vice-Principal. It was kinda comical in retrospect.

After sitting in the nurse’s office with ice packs everywhere I collected Charlie & friends and drove home. Hubby took me to Urgent Care.

I have a mild twisted ankle, a huge scrape on my left forearm and elbow, deep bruising on my entire left arm which is still swollen today. My knees are bruised. X-rays said my wrist and ankle are not fractured. There is the distinct possiblity I tore a ligament in my left shoulder joint. I’m to follow up with my primary care doctor if the swelling isn’t down by Friday. I am stiff and sore all over today.

Volunteering is hazardous to your health and over all well-being!


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  1. So that’s why I shouldn’t do it, right?

    Actually, I felt horrible that I had to miss our meeting last night. 🙁

    • Elizabeth says:

      It is the 1st time I’ve been hurt volunteering for 2 years now but when I do something, I really put effort into it! I enjoy volunteering though and I think you would too. It certainly lets you get a feel for the school, teachers, staff, etc. You can always help out without physically volunteering. For example you could help with publicity without having to “do” anything. Just email or phone calls to local news outlets, magazines, etc.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS. This made me physically wince while reading it. I mean, OUCH. That picture is awful, so I canNOT even imagine how much it hurts.

    Did everyone come running out? Were you like, “NICE, an audience.”

    Glad you’re still in one piece (kind of). HUGS!

    • Elizabeth says:

      I was mortified when the nurse brought the wheelchair out for me. I was like “really? I can hobble just fine.” At least none of the students were there or came rushing out to see what was going on.