University of Scouting

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Today I am at University of Scouting completing my Cubmaster training. I am taking over Hubby’s position in the Pack. 4 boys and their parents have transferred into Pack 1003 so we have doubled in size!  The new boys attend Charlie’s school and the parents are active in Scouts and PTO, just like me. We have an outstanding group and I know Hubby would be proud of how well the Pack is doing. He wanted Charlie to be involved with Scouts since he didn’t get the opportunity as a child. I am proud that Hubby stepped out of his comfort zone last year and took on the Cubmaster position.  Hopefully I can continue on in his memory growing the Pack and making sure the boys have fun while learning.


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  1. Elizabeth, You are so awesome to be doing what you are doing. Thank you for taking on that challenge. I love being a Boy Scout leader. It’s difficult being a girl in Boy Scouts but I love every minute. Last Sunday, we had Scout Sunday at church and I was told that I was the “cutest” boy scout there.
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