Hot Flash Survival Kit

I miss being cold. I loathe hot flashes and being hot. When you’re cold you can add as many layers as needed.  You can only strip down so far without getting arrested when you are hot. At least in public. Even being naked isn’t enough sometimes when a hot flash hits.

To combat the random hot flashes I learned to carry a Hot Flash Survival Kit in my purse. The kit consists of 2 items – a fan and a cloth handkerchief.  Inexpensive, sturdy, and fits in your purse easily.

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I recommend a fan made of cloth and wood or plastic. A paper fan will get torn up being carried around inside your purse. The fan helps cool you down while you are dying of heat stroke during a hot flash. I found mine at the dollar store.

Some hot flashes are more intense than others leading to sweat pouring down your face. That is where the cloth hankie comes into play. You can purchase men’s handkerchiefs at Wal-Mart cheaper than women’s handkerchiefs. The hankie is to wipe your face and neck when you are sweating. A bandana would work as well. I suggest cloth handkerchiefs because they are washable, fit in your purse, and can be used over and over during the day.

Menopause and hot flashes are a fact of life. Cheap methods of making it bearable are always needed! Do you have any suggestions for a Hot Flash Emergency Kit?

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