>High Cost of Medicine!

>Well, I am officially diagonosed with Metabolic Syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes, and Hypothyroidism.

My endocrinologist has prescribed 2 medicines to help my body use the insulin it produces more effectively. Actually, it helps sensitize the cells to recogonize insulin so they will use it as it should be. Or something along those lines.

The 2 medicines prescribed for the diabetes are over $500 each for 90 day supply!

We have this crappy insurance via my husband’s work. It is called a Health Savings Account. Basically that means our premiums only went down by about $25 a month and we get to pay retail pricing until the deductible is met, including medicine. After that, it is only 10%. The family deductible is $2300.00 for the year. Employer gives “seed” money of $1000 into a “savings account” and you can add money to that via payroll deduct. We are putting in an extra $100 monthly. We have a nifty checkbook to access the money in the account.

This is supposed to encourage families to shop around for medical care. AS IF!

  • if you have a doctor you trust & like, why switch?
  • most office visits are within a $20 range of each other for basic care. I’ve done the research.
  • doctors can take forever to file insurance claims. until it is filed, the money isn’t counted towards your deductible.
  • if you have serious health issues or kids, you spend a lot of money upfront for medical care.
  • Medicine prices are outrageous! None of our regular meds are covered by any of the advertised “discount $4/5/10 programs” that I can find anywhere.

The only good thing so far is that I can write a check directly to the doctor if we don’t have the money in the budget. $1000 sounds like a lot of money but let me tell you, it isn’t! Here is how much we’ve spent on medicine alone this year…..

  • $76 for Augmenten for ear infection (generic 10day supply)
  • $42 for a Zpack
  • $158 for generic Allegra (90days)
  • $63 for blood pressure medicine (90days)
  • $55 for Omniflex (ear infection 2nd time)
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