Wordless Wednesday – Cub Scout Camp Out

here are a few photos from our Pack camp out this past weekend.

Everything was great until Charlie got stung by a bee and decided he hates nature. I’m surprised you couldn’t hear the child screaming all over the World Wide Web Sunday. Also, it started raining while we were packing up. Not fun.


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  1. Aw, poor Charlie. Being stun by a bee hurts. So does rain. But hey, at least it didn’t rain all weekend… and you weren’t camping in a flood plain. I know people who had that happened on Cub Scout Camp Out.
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  2. Bee stings are so not fun. Sorry that it ruined his weekend.
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  3. It’s the disaster type of things that make memories. Years from now, he’ll say remember that campout where it rained and I got stung by a bee. With all the Scout campouts I’ve been on, I’m actually a little disappointed if nothing goes wrong to make it memorable. 🙂

  4. I love camping in the rain!!!! Bee stings hurt for sure!

  5. Charlie and I can now trade bee/wasp stories!!! I once had a red wasp get stuck in my hair. I had just dyed it an awesome shade of maroon (7th grade) and of course it blended in perfectly. I begged my dad to look through my hair and he couldn’t find it. I was yelling at him telling him I’m not crazy and that it was there….I go to put my hair behind my ear and it stung me! I screamed and cried and told my dad “I TOLD YOU, I’M WASN’T CRAZY”!!! My poor finger was huge!