>Visiting another planet? Aliens? No return? – Jan. 8, 1986

>Here is the last journal entry from my Senior High School English class, dated Jan. 8, 1986. The rest of the notebook is blank so I’m guessing that was the last class I had with that teacher. Our teacher had us write about a wide variety of topics, some based on quotes or personal observations. Honestly, I do not remember the reason she had us do these daily writing assignments. It was not a writing class, just basic senior high school English class. Here was the question on that day –

Would you be curious enough to go to another world with aliens if you had a chance? Remember, you can not return once you left.

My answer –

No, not if I couldn’t return. What if you were the only human there? Talk about culture problems.

Classmate’s response –


So what would your answer be to the question? Keep in mind we know quite a bit more about outer space now than we did in 1985/1986. Lots of things thought to be science fiction have become real in the past 20 plus years. Tell me what you think in the comments!


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