Update on Dad’s Health

It started back in October. Dad was scheduled for hernia repair which was postponed when his labs came back slightly off. His white blood count was slightly elevated and red blood count was slightly down. Three different specialists later and Dad was still a medical mystery.

Dad continued to decline throughout November and December. He wasn’t eating regularly, down to maybe 500-1000 calories per day. Honestly the not eating started back over the summer. Not consuming enough calories daily will cause your body to decline when you’re healthy. When sick, your body deteriorates even faster.

December 16th I took Dad to the ER. Diagnosis was a severe UTI and bladder infection. On December 20th we were back at the ER. Dad’s symptoms weren’t any better and in fact, worse. Dad told the ER physician his “penis was farting”.  Apparently this is a very bad thing.  The diverticulitis ate through Dad’s colon and bladder, creating a fistula and a sepsis infection.  It can be repaired with surgery but Dad is not physically strong enough for surgery at this time.

Yesterday my sister and I moved Dad to The Crescent, a skilled nursing facility. Our hope is to get Dad eating and moving more so he can have the surgery he needs. The doctors, Rachael and I all believe Dad needs long term acute care instead but insurance disagreed. We are appealing the decision.

the crescent skilled nursing facility sugar land texas

The Crescent Sugar Land TX

Unfortunately Dad had NOT been eating regularly at the hospital.  He wasn’t moving either.  Starvation, medicine and time have affected his mental state. Sometimes he is lucid, others not so much.

Visitors are welcome and encouraged! If you visit during meal time, make Dad eat more than 2-3 bites of food. Ask Dad if he needs help sitting up in the chair. Dad is not on any food restrictions so feel free to bring in a treat if you want. There is a fridge and microwave in Dad’s room.  Dad is in Room 118 Canal Lane.

Prayers are greatly appreciated. Rachael and I are preparing for the worst and praying for the best. Truthfully it is 100% in Dad’s hands. He has to decide to eat, hungry or not, and to start moving so he can get well. Once the fistula is fixed, Dad will feel so much better. Recovery will still be a long road even after the surgery but every journey begins with one step.

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  1. Elizabeth and Rachael, I’m so sorry to see this, but I will continue to pray and send all the good thoughts to you all.
    Elaine recently posted..6 Small Blog Design Changes That Make a Big SplashMy Profile

  2. Hey Liz, We are all praying for the whole family.

    Much Love from the Basses and the Rosses

  3. I am absolutely praying for your family. xox
    Denise recently posted..St. Nick (x2)My Profile

  4. EMIL DL8JJ says

    Hey my friend Frosty,
    eat like you eaten here in Germany and go back to the HAM Radio world.
    We need you Frosty, you have 70 days until Malawi tripp…so do it!
    Best wishess
    you friend Emil

  5. Prayers for healing and comfort. Tell your dad all the Harlandale Indians are doing the medicine dance.
    Mary LeGrand (Davis)

  6. Rick EA4ZK says

    Elizabeth and Rachael, I’m so sorry to read about your father, I met him some years ago in Spain, He was full of energy and health. Now I can’t imagine him lying on a bed with the problems described in your blog. Pleasesend him the best of wishes from his friends in spain and a faster recovery. I miss his comments in my facebook profile about food because I’m chef amd I remember how much he likes food. Good luck.
    Rick EA4ZK

  7. Rick EA4ZK says

    Hello Frosty and family,

    I’m very sad to read this news, I met Frosty several years ago while he was travelling to Africa, he was plenty of healt and energy and now, I can’t imagine how is his life. I want to give you my support and please tell him that I’m waiting for him to cook the best of meals of spain only for him ( I’m chef) I told my friend Gerry who lives in texas now , to visit him into the care house to support him and getting him up!!!! The best of results Rachael and Elizabeth!!!!

    Rick EA4ZK Madrid, Spain

    • Dad said your cooking was superb! He wanted to take us on a trip back to Madrid to show off your cooking and the beautiful city. I am sorry it did not happen. Thank you for your kind words.

  8. I met Frosty in Botswana oct 2010. I am very sorry to hear this bad news! Hi Frosty! Take Care of yourself! A Big Hug! Lor ik1mdf A25DF! Ciaooooo

  9. Lorenzo I met you and Frosty on friedrichshafen fair in 2010!!!!! Were talking about Botswana. He gave me some coffee from there and a recipe book of texas!!!! God bless him!!!!!

  10. take care Frosty!!!!! 73 Lor ik1mdf

  11. Elizabeth
    I was a good friend of Freddie’s in high school and have communicated with Freddie some over the years. The last time I saw him was at his brother George’s funeral. It saddens me to hear of his situation and illness. I want you to know I am praying for him.
    John Hall


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