Trick or Treating with Charlie

Last night we took Charlie trick or treating at Sugar Land Town Square. We hit up the neighbors we know first & then headed out.  We went trick or treating there last year as well. 

Charlie had 2 costumes to choose from this year. Thomas the Tank Engine from last Halloween & a race car driver he wanted 2 weeks ago. The final decision was Thomas the train. 

There are not a lot of little kids in our subdivision which is why we went somewhere else to trick or treat. We’ve lived here for 11 years & when we first moved in, tons of kids were out trick or treating. Sadly, over time, the numbers have dwindled. This is not a little kid or young family friendly area now unfortunately.
Charlie had lots of fun trick or treating. We ate pizza for dinner at Grimaldi’s & let Kiddo run around afterwards getting rid of some energy.
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