Tough Decisions about Dad

Saturday Rachael and I took Dad off the TPN (IV nutrition) and switched his care to palliative or hospice. Dad is still at The Crescent but now he is just receiving pain medication to keep him comfortable.  As difficult as this decision was for us, we firmly believe it was the right one for Dad.

The doctor talked to us on Friday and stated that she was officially declaring Dad “failure to thrive” which is a fancy way of saying he is not going to get any better. Dad’s living will he declared that he did not want extra measures taken to keep him alive if his medical status was terminal.

So now it is just a matter of waiting. Rachael and I will keep you posted as arrangements are made when the time comes.

Please share this information with anyone you feel should be told. Dad was not a good as Mom in writing down friends addresses, emails, etc.

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  1. I’m so sorry.
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  2. Victor Paul says

    I’m one of Frosty’s ham radio friends (WB0TEV) and I went on my first real DXpedition with him in November 2013 to Swaziland (3DA0ET). Its a memory I will long cherish. Elizabeth & Rachael, I am so sorry to hear this news. Your Dad will be sorely missed by so many. You, Frosty, and your families will be in my prayers.
    1 Thess.. 4:13,14.

  3. I’m so very sorry – thinking of you.
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  4. I am so very sorry to hear this. I will continue to pray for you both as you move forward.
    I am so glad I had the chance to see him in Pigeon Forge when I did.
    He and your mom will surely share an amazing reunion.
    Until we meet again, Mr. Frost…

  5. Roger Jones says

    Gerda and I are devastated by the news coming through these past weeks and Frosty’s rapid decline since we saw him over here in South Africa just a couple of months ago. On behalf of the whole upcoming 7QAA Malawi DXpedition crew, most of whom knew Frosty and are updated on his condition, our heartfelt sorrow and support. Frosty has a great love of Africa, adventure and travel in this continent and has made countless friends over here in past years. He will leave a huge gap in our DXpedition team and friendship circle – his amazing cheerful can-do approach to life and wonderful cooking will be sorely missed by all. He’s been a true inspiration on our past adventures together. We’ll never forget Frosty and will miss him all the more because our daughter was conceived on the first DXpedition trip we ever did together with Frosty.

    All our love, Roger, ZS6RJ and Gerda

  6. HUGS. I’m hear for you! <3 Praying for you all.
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  7. Patty Morris says

    Jim and I are praying for you and your family. May God comfort you and give you peace that passes understanding.


  8. I’m so sorry, Elizabeth! I really enjoyed reading all your dad’s facebook posts.

  9. Elizabeth and Rachael,
    I am praying for peace for you and for our Lord Jesus Christ’s love and presence during this hard time… and blessed assurance… Jesus is his and he belongs to Jesus .. what a great man of God Frosty is. His life is a story of love and help .. he touched so many lives in great ways. I only wish that I could have gone with him on one of those DXPeditions and able to enjoy his company. Frosty will be hearing well done! thou good and faithful servant!