Tom Cat is Weird

I’ve had cats for pets off and on for years. Cats are definitely unique animals but Tom Cat is off the charts weird, even for a cat.

family pet cat

Charlie says Tom is not weird but unique. Whatever.

For example, Tom does not like baskets, buckets, or boxes. I have these items scattered all over the house. Tom studiously avoids them. When I try to place Tom into a basket he is uncooperative and splays all 4 legs out.

pet family cat

Tom does not sleep all curled up in a little ball. He sprawls out all over the place on his back.

Tom eats Max’s dog food if given the chance.

Tom doesn’t like cat nip very much. I sprinkled some in his cat hidey bed and Tom totally ignored it.

The other night I left the house and Tom was sitting up on the roof of the house, pretty as a picture. That is the most normal cat thing he has done.

cat family pet sofa

Tom is weird.

cat family pet signature elizabeth my life such as it

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