Things I just do NOT get

Like most people, there some things in this world that I just do NOT get. These things, ideas, situations, are pretty varied as well. I can write a whole series on “Things I just do NOT Get”.

brown hair woman scratching her head with questions marks around her head

I kinda divided these “things” into very broad categories.

  • Back Away Slowly While Nodding – basically “this person is totally crazy”
  • I understand the general concept but can’t figure the WHY?
  • I just basically disagree and respectfully acknowledge that

Since January I have been substitute teaching middle school, also known as junior high,  and it has been very enlightening to say the least. These kids are what is now being called Gen Alpha according to some. I am 100% Gen X and Charlie is Gen Z.

Needless to say there has been increase in “things I just don’t get” over the past 5 months or so. These kids are even more different from my generation. Every day I shake my head at some of the things these teenagers say and do. Most are harmless, even funny, but sometimes I really worry about the future of our country and world. I am hoping that as these boys and girls mature and grow, that some of their behaviors and thought processes will also grow up also. So much potential for good and so much potential for bad…just like every previous generation.

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