The Mighty Hunter

A few weeks ago I was in the shower and heard Charlie screaming his head off.

“OMG! MOOOOOMMMM! Quick, Come now! You can hear the crunching!!”

Once I determined that Charlie was okay and not in immediate danger, I finished my shower and got dressed.  Charlie practically dragged me into his bedroom.

tomcat my life such as it is mouse hunterTom Cat had caught a mouse and was eating it in Charlie’s bedroom. This totally freaked the boy out. Charlie danced around his room yelling for me to get rid of the mouse. I opted to let Tom Cat finish devouring the mouse. That way there would be less rodent parts for me to pick up. Also, less chance of Tom Cat trying to hurt me for taking away his breakfast.

tomcat mouse breakfast my life such as it isCharlie was 100% correct. You could hear the crunching. It totally upped the ick factor.

mouse tom cat my life such as it is

signature elizabeth my life such as it

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