The Great Halloween Costume Dilemma II

My favorite costume of Charlie’s so far was his 1st Halloween at not quite 1 year old. Charlie was a penguin. It was way to hot for the Houston weather but gosh darn it, the boy was so stinkin’ adorable!

Last year Charlie was Thomas the Tank Engine for the second year in a row. Earlier in the month he had decided on being a Race Car driver so we bought that costume. Then at the last minute, he changed his mind back to Thomas.

We normally go trick-or-treating at a SL Town Square one day and MC Boo in the Run in a local park a different day. Although this year both events are on the same Saturday and at the same times which is a total bummer.

This year Charlie mentioned Thomas the Tank Engine again earlier in the month. Hubby and I are keeping our fingers crossed he’ll chose something else. He has been talking about several different costume ideas this year – ranging from NASCAR to super heroes back to Thomas.

Although if Charlie waits too much longer, there won’t be much choice left in costumes at any store. I could make him something at the last minute if need be but would rather not.

Last year after trick-or-treating we ate at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. Charlie ran around in the Halloween t-shirt I made for him. This year he outgrew it and doesn’t want a new one. 🙁

I will keep you posted on the big Halloween costume dilemma.

This post about Halloween past is gonna hopefully win me a Canon Rebel T2i over at The SITS Girls webite. SITS is a wonderful online group of women you should check out. I recently attended their Bloggy Boot Camp in Austin and learned a lot of neat stuff.

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