Thanksgiving Dinner at my house

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch at my house this year. Thankfully my family eats our holiday meals around 1pm. Hubby’s family eats their holiday meals later, more around 5pm or so, which makes it easy for us to make the rounds. Everyone lives in the immediate area by the way.

(Hubby, Charlie, Poppa)

My aunt and uncle (Mom’s brother) came for lunch. Their son moved to Washington, DC in the spring and wasn’t able to come home. It was their first Thanksgiving holiday without JP but he will be in town for Christmas. My cousin works for the CIA as a military analyst. Yes, I’m bragging.

(tablecloth is actually a dark green)

Anyhow, my sister and brother-in-law swung by for about 10 minutes after eating at her mother-in-laws (who lives about 2 streets over from our house). 

 (the guest of honor)

Later we headed to my sister-in-law’s house for Hubby’s family get together. That is Charlie’s favorite because he gets to play with his cousins. It was a long day but a good day.

(cherry pie – I don’t have a photo of the pecan pie)


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