Thank you! We made our Booster goal

Thanks to all you who bought a Monkey Do Project #coveredforacause t-shirt from Booster!  We made our goal and then some!! Woo Hoo! Now 64 families will be able to have side dishes or desserts with their Thanksgiving dinner.

Sadly we are still short our goal of replacing the 200 food baskets stolen from the Christian Service Center food pantry.  On September 2nd the food pantry was burglarized and its entire contents stolen, including the holiday baskets that had been started. Monkey Do Project has pledged to replace these baskets so families will be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with a real meal! We have raised just over $900 so far. Our goal is $7000 and time is running short.

I know this is a rough time of year financially for everyone. I get it. I truly do. I also know that I am extremely blessed to have a job, a roof over my head and transportation. My son does not go hungry. I also have access to assistance if I needed it. Many families in Appalachia do not have access to transportation to get to a job, if they could find one. Their kids go hungry when school is out. For heaven’s sake – someone was so desperate they STOLE FOOD FROM A FOOD BANK!!!
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If every person who follows me on Twitter or Facebook would donate $5,  Monkey Do Project would be able to provide these working poor families with a nice holiday meal, complete with dessert. Any extra money raised would go to our other projects helping families in Appalachia. Think about it – for the cost of a Starbucks coffee, PSL, or Christmas cappuccino  you can provide veggies for a little kid. Or a pumpkin pie to a family of 4. Or stuffing.

To find out more about Monkey Do Project and why I am a blogger ambassador for them, check out their website – Monkey Do Project.  You can discover why and how we are helping rural Appalachia along with how the charity got its name. MDP is also on Twitter and Facebook. Follow and Like us!

A HUGE thank you to all of y’all who have donated or bought a MDP t-shirt. Thank you for helping others.

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