Thank you Soy Joy, Nozin, 4imprint & Southern Ohio Medical Center!

I am way late in delivering these thank yous!  I am a Blog Ambassador for the Monkey Do Project (MDP). This year MDP committed to providing 2000 string filled backpacks to the Adams County Children Health Fair in August. Being a small non-profit charity focusing on Appalachia, America’s poorest region, this was a tall order for us!

Jackie, the founder, and the rest of MDP Blog Ambassadors had faith we could get it done. We all started contacting various companies via email and social media to find donors. These backpacks need to be filled with a new book, healthy snacks, a bottle of water and whatever other healthy items we could get.

Thanks to the following companies Monkey Do Project was able to meet our goal!  Meet our Platinum Sponsors –

Nozin Nasal Sanitizer, who also sponsored last year’s Backpack Project, helps keep kids (and adults) healthy by killing a variety of germs that enter our bodies through our noses. Nozin is a topical antiseptic, not an antibiotic, so germs do not build up resistance. Reducing colds reduces upper respiratory infections which leads to healthier kids. Many families in Appalachia do not have access to medical care even in this day and age.

Soy Joy not only provided 2000 bars but asked if Monkey Do Project needed more! Then they sent us more Soy Joy bars. I became familiar with Soy Joy through PTO Today.  Soy Joy bars are yummy, lots of flavors, and made from non GMO ground soy and real fruit. Many of the children in Appalachia do not get to eat when school is out. Soy Joy is helping provide additional healthy food and snacks to these 2000 kids.

4imprint met our biggest challenge – string backpacks. Thanks to 4imprint at least 2000 school children will have a backpack to take to school this fall.

Southern Ohio Medical Center is a not-for-profit hospital located in Adams County. They are on the front lines and know how children are affected by extreme poverty. SOMC helped cover the cost of the 2000 backpacks for the kids who come to the Health Fair.

A shout out is necessary for all the volunteers who will be filling these backpacks on July 27th at MDP Headquarters. Thanks to all the other companies who have helped provide items for the 2013 Backpack Project.

Monetary donations are still a vital part of our ministry. Only $26 fills a backpack for a needy child. If capable of helping out, please visit the Monkey Do Project page and click on the button in the upper right hand corner. All donations are tax deductible.


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