>Vacation in 1 week!

>Charlie & I are leaving for a week long vacation in just over 1 week. Wahoo sorta. Here’s the thing – it is not your typical tourist type vacation. We are going with my dad to a Hamfest (Amateur Radio) in Friedrichshafen, Germany. All 3 of us are flying to Paris and driving the 400 […]


>Travel Adventures

>A friend from high school, Bonnie, and her hubby, Bob, are living the American dream in Mexico right now. I’m sorta jealous of them! They have already retired (at my age 41) and left for Mexico last fall. The game plan is for them to travel around the world for 2 – 3 years and […]


>People amaze me…

>I’m currently at work (I work from home) and some people truly amaze me! I work in the travel industry in a call center. One of my passengers just told me to take someone off of a full zeroed out flight and put him on it instead. His reason – “I’m more important than they […]

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