That Leg Though

Every time I see Tom Cat sleeping like this, I think about how my dad and Robert slept with 1 leg out from under the covers.


Tom Cat Approved

Tom Cat figured out that for the past few weeks Charlie has been the one feeding him daily. This is part of Charlie’s job for the Pets Merit Badge. He is using Lulu for the Dog Care Merit Badge and you can’t use the same pet for both Merit Badges. Before now TomCat generally ignored Charlie as […]


Mourning the loss of TomCat

TomCat has been missing for over 3 weeks now. It is pretty much a given that TomCat is not coming home. This makes me and Charlie sad. I feel like a failure for losing Dad’s cat. Charlie thinks some one “stole” Tom and is holding him hostage. Tears have been shed over TomCat. Despite his crankiness […]

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