Stream of Consciousness Sunday – Anticipation!

Today’s theme is Anticipation! What are you anticipating or looking forward to in the next week? I am looking forward to New York City and BlogHer 12 this week. i leave on Wed and will be back on Sunday. i’m going all by myself. i desparately need some time away right now.  lots to do […]


Stream of Consciousness Sunday – Thankfullness

I have many things to be thankful for today especially after the truly rotten week we’ve had. See posts from this past Tuesday and Friday for more details. I am thankful my husband is alive. things could’ve been so much worse. for example, what if we had been on the road when this happened like […]


Stream of Consciousness Sunday – Nov 13

The craft show yesterday was not very good money wise. I did make a small profit over the cost of the table. I guess the economy is really taking a toll. I did ok on Thursday night however. I realized we don’t have a decent family photo that I like enough to put on Christmas […]

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