The Flu – Day 2

I was officially diagnosed with the flu yesterday. It hit me out of nowhere, around 3am. I woke up with a stuffy head, freezing, coughing, totally exhausted, and in pain. I managed to drag myself to my GP and the flu test came back positive. I headed home with Tamiflu and cough medicine. I felt […]


>I sound like Minnie Mouse

>It started this past Friday with a tickle in my throat. I figured it was just drainage from allergies since it is spring here in the Houston area. Trees are budding, flowers blooming, mold and mildew growing. By Friday night however my voice was almost gone and I had started coughing. Saturday I helped my […]


>Cover your mouth when coughing!

>This has become a mantra at our house. Charlie has had a mild cough on and off for over 2 weeks along with the runny/stuffy nose. I jsut figured it was the usual crud/cold that comes this time of year. We have been constantly telling Charlie to cover his mouth while coughing. We’ve demonstrated how […]

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