Pinterest project- EZ Silver Cleaning

My mom had lots of silver serving dishes. Most she inherited from her mom. Growing up my sister and I were given the task of polishing ALL the silver, usually near the holiday season. Sometimes Mom used it as a form of punishment when we had been bickering. Silver polishing was done by hand, with […]


Faux Stepping Stones – Pinterest Project

I attempted quite a few different Pinterest ideas this summer. Yes I know Pinterest is an addiction but it is a good addiction! Really, it is. Some of the crafts and things I pinned and tried worked, others didn’t. This project actually turned out better than I expected. On the side of the house, leading […]


Card table revamp – Pinterest Project

I own several card tables; all inherited from my grandparents.  These card tables were actually used to play cards and dominos on. I’m not sure why the kitchen table or dining table wasn’t used back then but it doesn’t really matter. These card tables were also used as the “kids table” at family parties, reunions, etc. […]

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