Goodby Max

On Monday Charlie’s dog, Max, crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was a good boi and is greatly missed. After Robert died, Charlie decided he wanted his own dog. Ruby was definitely my dog. Charlie was the “spare human”. We got Max in 2013. On Sunday I came home from running errands and Max didn’t greet […]


Rest in Peace Ruby

Ruby, my Beagle, passed away in January last year. I miss the old chubby girl. Ruby was definitely MY dog. She followed me everywhere. If I stood up, she stood up or at least looked at me to see what I was going to do. Ruby was at least 10 years old when she passed. […]


Conversations with Charlie – Cat Names

My dad got a cat from Ft. Bend Animal Shelter over a month ago.   The cat is a small gray striped with white paws and chest. Dad named him Thomas the cat or Tom for short. Me – Guess what Charlie? Poppa got a cat! Charlie – he did? what kinda cat? what did Poppa name it? […]

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